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Welcome to this site. On this site you will find Ebooks and Audio by Author, Narrator, Life Coach, BPD Coach and BPD Loved Ones Coach, A.J. Mahari.

A.J. Mahari had two parents with Borderline Personality (her father also had co-morbid Narcissisitic Personality Disorder). This means A.J. knows first hand the issues and challenges – the legacy of being an adult child of a Borderline or a Narcissist or both. A.J. Mahari was diagnosed as with Borderline Personality in 1975 and recovered fully from Borderline Personality in 1995. She had a relationship with someone with BPD/NPD, years after her recovery, some years ago now, that means she also knows what’s it is like to be the partner of someone with BPD and/or NPD.

A.J. Mahari is a Proven Expert on BPD

A.J. Mahari recovered from Borderline Personality Disorder in 1995. She has been online writing articles and sharing her insight and experience about her recovery for since 1995 as well. That’s a proven track record, unlike any other person who has recovered from BPD working as a Life and BPD/Mental Health Coach and Self Improvement Coach.

When it comes to BPD, A.J. Mahari has the unique voice of someone who not only had BPD and recovered in 1995, but also of someone who was the adult-child of 2 borderline parents, and subsequent to her recovery from BPD had a relationship with someone with BPD/NPD. Mahari not only knows, first hand, what it feels like and is like to have BPD, to explain that to family members and loved ones. Mahari also knows what it is like to be a family member, loved one, and relationship partner of someone with BPD. Mahari understands what that feels like too. Mahari knows what recovery, on each side of BPD means, is, looks and feels like, and requires. It is from her 360-degree unique experience with BPD on both sides, and her recovery on both sides of BPD, that Mahari’s work generally, and her Life, BPD, BPD Loved Ones, Coaching, even more specifically, that she can and does offer you a more in depth and insightful understanding and compassionate brand of practical help unlike any other Life Coach, coaching in this area.

Unlike other life coaches who bring experience either from coaching courses, or one side or the other of BPD, A.J. Mahari, with her rich life experience has found that the best coaching course she could have ever invested in turned out to be her own journey thus far in life. She does not let her past experiences define her any longer.

Borderline Personality Disorder has not been a part of A.J. Mahari’s personal life for many years. She is not bitter. She is not high conflict. She has moved on. She has compassion for those with Borderline Personality. She has compassion for those who are BPD Loved Ones, friends of someone with BPD or who are a family member – adult-child of someone with BPD.

In her Life and BPD Coaching with others, A.J. Mahari brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding – she has, on both sides of Borderline Personality, an insider’s expertise on not only the issues, challenges, struggles, and pain, but even more importantly with regard to recovery for those with BPD and recovery for their loved ones or ex-loved ones entails.

Whether you have BPD or you have a BPD family member or relationship partner (or ex) A.J. Mahari has walked in your shoes. She knows your pain. She understands how to unhook from the traps on the other side of BPD just as she knows what it takes to recover from BPD.

I have been described by many as an expert on Borderline Personality Disorder. What makes me an expert? Well, not University degrees, (despite the many University courses I have taken) but real life experience. I am a person who recovered from BPD. I also had 2 parents with BPD, before, during and after I had Borderline Personality Disorder. From the inside out I understand how adult children of a borderline parent need  healing and their own recovery and what that entails. My father also had NPD and so I am also intimately familiar with the pain and struggle of healing from the abuse and control of a narcissist.

I have been a Life/BPD/Mental Health Self Improvement Coach online for the past number of  years. That’s a lot of experience! I also have been online writing articles, ebooks, authoring and speaking in both my audio programs and audio podcasts for many years now. I am an expert on BPD, from the inside out. I not only know how those with BPD feel and think from the inside out, but I also know, first hand, what it is like to be on the other side of BPD in the non borderline role. So, I also keenly understand the pain and confusion of the loved one, family member, ex or relationship partner of someone with BPD. I am able to explain, explore, and examine any and all aspects of BPD as it manifests generally and in relationships specifically with the clients I coach. I am experienced in  healing and recovery strategies and techniques. I can help you make a plan to cope more effectively than perhaps you are right now.

Borderline Personality Disorder presents many challenges in the lives of those diagnosed with it. There are many ways that Life Coaching can be of support to the journey of recovery. But the coaching relationship is not about the actual recovery it is about supporting the changes that the client with BPD is identifying and in the process of making from hard work in traditional therapy. Life coaching can support the process of present-day efforts to maintain new behaviour and learn to be more consistent with the changes that are goals that have come out of gaining insight and awareness and in therapy.

As a life coach A.J. Mahari has a dynamic, compassionate, creative, and supportive approach. Specifically in her work with those with Borderline Personality Disorder, A.J., as someone who has recovered from BPD, knows from her own first hand experience the obstacles that will present themselves as challenging growth opportunities in the process of change and recovery. I can help you whether you have BPD or are a Loved One or Ex-Loved One of someone who does. I can help you become more fully aware of the challenges. I can ask you the kind of questions that teach people things they might now otherwise have realized about themselves. I offer tools, skill-building techniques, and support, and more, that can and will help you on whatever journey of seeking or reclaiming authentic self and the middle-ground of mental  health and/or well-being that you might not be currently living from. I can help you identify what is blocking you, why you are stuck, and what you can do to get unblocked and unstuck and move forward in your life according to the choices that you can identify and the goals that I can help you to identify and prioritize in your life.

As a life coach I provide a caring, compassionate, safe, confidential, non-judgmental, validating and supportive relationship within which clients can feel empowered to explore their present-day needs. I essentially act as a human mirror for my clients. I share with my clients an outside and unbiased perspective as to what I observe in listening to their feelings, experiences, and concerns.

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